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Street Performance Air and Fuel

Whether your car is equipped with a carburetor or factory EFI system you will find a wide variety of products to improve the performance of your street vehicle. Make sure you car performs it's best with good high quality products.

Air - Clean cool air is essential to keeping any engine running its best. One way to improve performance is to remove the restriction of air flow to the engine which can be done with a high flow air cleaner assembly, air filter element, or a cold air intake for the late model vehicles.

Fuel - In the same way your car needs clean air to perform at its best, it also needs a clean fuel system. For a fuel injected engine see our selection of fuel injectors, fuel filter, fuel pumps and regulators all designed for fuel injection applications. If your prefer running a carburetor, see our line up of street and strip carburetors, electric and mechanical fuel pumps and in-line fuel filters. The Fuel components category iw where you will find all the necessary brackets, return springs, and fuel logs necessary to complete your project.

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Air Cleaner Assemblies Air Filters Carburetor Spacers
High performance aftermarket air cleaners for carbureted applications available in chrome, satin, black wrinkle and color matched finishes. You will also find branded assemblies with Ford Racing, Mustang, Cobra and Chevrolet stampings.
High performance stock replacement filter elements including reusable filter cartridges for high performance applications.
High Quality Carburetor Spacers
Carburetors Cold Air Intake Kits Electronic Fuel Injection Kits
High performance aftermarket carburetors for street applications including Holley style square bore and Edelbrock AVS designs. Choose from a wide variety of options including mechanical or electric choke, mechanical or vacuum secondaries and your choice of finish.
Cold air intakes are designed to replace the factory air box with a more efficient design lowering the temperature of the air going into the engine.
Street Performance Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
Fuel Components Fuel Filters Fuel Injectors
Fuel Lines, Fuel Line Fittings, Fuel Logs, Throttle Brackets, Throttle Springs and more.
In-Line Fuel Filters, Canister Style Fuel Filters, Replacement Fuel Filters, 100 Micron Filters, 40 Micron Filters, 10 Micron Filters
Fuel Injectors from top brand names such as Ford Racing, Edelbrock, Accel, and FAST for GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.
Fuel Pumps and Regulators Fuel Rails and Kits Throttle Bodies
Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Electric in-line fuel pumps, and fuel regulators for high performance street and project cars.
Billet Fuel Rails and Fuel Rail Kits designed for Ford, GM, Chrysler and Import applications.
High Performance aftermarket throttle bodies and mass air flow sensors for GM, Ford and Chrysler applications.