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FK Bearings and Rod Ends

FK Rod EndsWith almost 10,000 combinations of rod ends and spherical bearings available, you are sure to find the right component for your application. FK manufactures almost every combination possible including the 2 piece economy series, 3 piece precision, 3 piece aluminum series, high misalignment, stainless steel and spherical bearings just to get started. FK also manufactures High misalignment bushings and center finders, solid rod ends, clevis, studded rod ends, jam nuts and weldable tube ends.

CM/CF 2 Piece Economy Series Rod Ends ECM/ECF 2 Piece Economy Import Series Rod Ends CM-M/CF-M 2 Piece Economy Metric Series Rod Ends
2 Piece Metal to Metal Economy Rod Ends
2 Piece Metal to Metal Economy Import Series Rod End
2 Piece Metal to Metal Economy line of Metric Rod Ends
JMX-MX 3 Piece High Strength Metric Rod Ends CMX/CFX 2 Piece Economy Black Series Rod Ends JM/JMX 3 Piece Precision Male Rod Ends
3 Piece Metric, Precision Wear Resistant Rod Ends
2 Piece Metal to Metal, Heat Treated, Alloy Steel Black Series Rod Ends
3 Piece Precision Wear Resistant Male Rod Ends.
JF/JFX 3 Piece Precision Female Rod Ends KMX 3 Piece Alloy Male Nylon Rod Ends ALJM/ALJMH/ALJF 3 Piece Aluminum Rod Ends
3 Piece Precision Wear Resistant Female Rod Ends
3 Piece Alloy Steel, Heat Treated with Nylon Race Rod Ends.
3 Piece Aluminum Series Rod Ends.
HJMXT/HRSMXT/HINT High Misalignment Rod Ends RSM/RSMX/ALRSM 3 Piece Extra Strength Male Rod Ends PMX-T/PMXL-T 3 Piece High Strength Rod Ends
High Misalignment Series Male Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings Heavy Duty
3 Piece Extra Strength Heavy Duty Shank Rod Ends.
3 PIece Performance Racing, Stainless Steel Race, Wear Resistant, Self Lubricating Rod Ends.
SJM-T/SJF-T/SRSM-T 3 Piece High Strength Stainless Steel Rod Ends COM/FKS/FKSSX Spherical Bearings WSSX-T/WSSX-TV Wide Spherical Bearings
3 Piece Precision Stainless Steel, High Strength, Self Lubricating Rod Ends
Precision Narrow Series Spherical Bearings
Wide Precision Spherical Bearings
AIN/CP Spherical Bearing and Bearing Cups HB/CTR High Misalignment Spacers / Center Finders Jam Nuts / NAS Style Bolt / Studded Rod Ends
AIN Series is a Heavy Duty Precision Series, Alloy Steel with Teflon liners available. CP Series are special high performance bearing cups in several different sizes.
High Misalignment Bushings and Center Finders
Aluminum and Steel Jam nuts in right hand and left hand thread.
Solid Rod End/Clevis/Adjustable Ladder Weldable Steel Tube Ends
Solid Rod Ends, Steel Clevis and Adjustable Ladder
Weldable Tube Ends made from 4130 chrome moly.