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Fuel Components - Lines, Fittings and Brackets

Finding the right fitting, fuel log or throttle bracket can sometimes be challenging. Whether you're running a carburetor or EFI system you're sure to find the fitting or adapter you're looking for in a number of anodized colors including black, blue, red and natural. The same goes for fuel logs but make sure you know what size the fittings are on the carburetor and the current fuel line is to make the right choice. The proper fitting and fuel line will make all the difference in a clean and easy set up which is what you want for years of trouble free service.

Most throttle return springs and throttle brackets are designed to be a universal fit but you will find a selection of throttle lever kits and brackets designed for specific applications to adapt factory transmission control cables and throttle cables to the throttle bodies or carburetor.
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FAST 302000 Multiport Retro-Fit EZ-EFI Kit FAST 307049 Fast EZ-EFI Sensor Kit, Ford 1 Bar/14.5psi FAST 307022 Idle Air Control Adapter
FAS-302000 FAS-307049 FAS-307022
FAST 307014 Idle Air Control (IAC) GM TPI Style Moroso 64929 Throttle Return Springs Edelbrock 1495 Cable Plate 429 / 460
FAS-307014 MOR-64929 Designed for Ford products with cable operated throttle and automatic kick down rod.
Edelbrock 8031 Universal Throttle Bracket FAST 1010460 FAST CL010
FAST 1010460
Regular Price: $1.00
Regular Price: $2.98
Edelbrock Carburetor Linkage Adapters, Studs & Cable Extensions for all of your carburetor connection needs.
FAST CL112 FAST 1000-1010            ADAPTER, DIGITAL TACH                                       FAST 1000-1032            MOUNTS, IGNITION SHOCK  #10-32kg/4
Regular Price: $2.98
FAST 1000-1050            TESTER, DIGITAL REV LIMIT IGNIter                           FAST 1000-1100            CRIMPER, WEATHERPACK PIN                                    FAST 1000-1110            TOOL, WEATHERPACK PIN REMOVAL
FAST 1000-1120            TOOL, SPARK PLUG WIRE CRIMPER                               FAST 1000-1130            LIGHT, PRO DIGITAL TIMING                                   FAST 1000-1140            INSPECTION, PRO INTERNAL ENGIN Camera
FAST 1000-1209            COLLAR, ADJUSTABLE GM SLIP                                  FAST 1000-1400            DISTRIBUTOR, PRO RACE,DUAL PICckup - Chevrolet              FAST 1000-1401            DISTRIBUTOR,PRO RACE,DUAL PICKckup - Ford 351W
FAST 1000-1403            CAP, PRO RACE DISTRIBUTOR                                   FAST 1000-1406            KIT, PRO RACE DISTRIBUTOR REBUardware Kit                   FAST 1000-1408            RETAINER, WIRE PRO RACE DISTRIutor
FAST 1000-1409            DISTRIBUTOR, PRO RACE,DODGE R5ckup - Dodge R5               FAST 1000-1411            KIT, CAP ADAPTER PRO RACE DISTibutor                        FAST 1000-1412            DISTRIBUTOR, PRO RACE, TOYOTA ckup - Toyota Deutsch
FAST 1000-1419            DISTRIBUTOR, PRO RACE,DODGE R6ckup - Dodge R6P8             FAST 1000-1421            DISTRIBUTOR,PRO RACE, 351W    d pickup - Ford 351W          FAST 1000-1423            TRIGGER, PRO RACE DISTRIBUTOR  Deutsch
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