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Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are a vital part of any vehicle and with today's high performance engines and fuel blends it is critical to keep your fuel as clean as possible. The purpose of a fuel filter is to remove any dirt and contaminants that may have been introduced to the fuel system either before you filled the tank, during the filling process, or from rust that may have built up due to moisture in a steel gas tank. By keeping the dirt out of the fuel the engine will perform at its best and the chances of getting particles stuck in the fuel injectors or carburetor is minimized. Filters need to be maintained at regular intervals to make sure they don't get clogged up which will lead to poor performance of your car's engine.

A high quality in-line filter should be used on carburetor and fuel injection vehicle and are available with several different size micron filters for proper filtration. For reference a 100 micron filter is designed to be used between the fuel tank and the fuel pump and is used to protect the pump from contaminants. A 10 micron filter should only be used after the fuel pump to protect the carburetor or fuel injectors.

Note: Any filter that has a fabric or paper element should not be used for E85 and alcohol blends. Use a 40 or 100 micron stainless element for E85 fuels.
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Allstar 40217 Fuel Filter 8" -10 Paper Element Allstar 40219 Fuel Filter 8" -10 Stainless Element Allstar 40220 Fuel Filter Element 8" Paper
Blue anodized aluminum, high flow in-line filter with 10 micron paper element. Overall length is 12" and outside diameter is 2" ALL-40219 Blue anodized aluminum, high flow in-line filter with 63 micron stainless element and -10 ends. ALL-40220 Replacement Parts For In-Line Aluminum Fuel Filters
Allstar 40230 Fuel Filter Bracket 1.75" Allstar 40245 Fuel Filter Housing Assembly -10, No Element
ALL-40230 ALL-40245 Black anodized aluminum housings offer the same excellent flow and easy inspection as Allstar standard in-line filters.