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We have been providing timing solutions for the world's most discerning customers for 30 years and these are our products - all set for you to enjoy.

  • Total Memory Recall indicates that the Robic stopwatch allows you to review previous readings without interrupting current timing. Most others require you to exit the stopwatch mode and use a "Memory" mode to access previous readings.
  • Breakaway Safety Lanyard: Robic stopwatches feature Breakaway Safety Lanyards, exclusively. Robic is the only brands which provides these important safety benefits.
  • The best warranty is never having to use it. Others have multiple years warranty...we own Robic stopwatches forever. Built the best to be the best...
  • Water Resistant--Others do not test for water resistance. All Robic stopwatches using this designation will operate (buttons can be pressed without any defects) to submersion of 30 meters.
  • Easy Access battery hatch-Robic created and perfected easy to replace batteries.
  • Over-sized pushbuttons...our pushers are deigned to be responsive and forgiving. You need not look at the push button when using a Robic stopwatch, keep your eyes on the action instead.

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Robic SC-505W Robic SC-505W 12 Memory Chronograph Stopwatch - Black Robic SC-505W-BLK Five Memory Stopwatch, Black, Water Res

Robic SC-505W water resistant to 30 meters, features Single Event, Lap or Split Timing and comes with Break-Away Safety Lanyard.

Regular Price: $26.95