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Long a speed secret among top professional racing teams, Rock Batteries come to NHRA Drag Racing from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, where they boast an impressive 99% usage rate. Used by Roush, RCR and Hendrick Motorsports, Scott Bloomquist, Rick Eckert, Doug Bigelow and others.
Successful Pro drag racers like Warren Johnson, Al Billes, Chip King, Rick DiStefano, Jim Oddy, Quain Stott and others have all been quietly using Rock Batteries for several years. Now that same quality, dependability and tire-shake resistant technology is available to you now.
All Rock Batteries feature absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery technology. AGM technology was originally developed in 1985 for military aircraft usage where, just like in racing, a battery"s power, weight, safety and reliability are paramount considerations. Now this technology has been incorporated into the Rock line of maintenance-free, deep cycle racing batteries. Rock Batteries are designed to provide the increased power necessary for today’s racing electronics and engine starting requirements.
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Rock Racing 1228 12 Volt Starting Battery Rock Racing 1236 12 Volt Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Racing Battery Rock Racing 1257 12 Volt Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Battery
ROC-1228 Rock Racing Starting Battery 12V with 450 cold cranking amps, 28 Reserve Capacity Minutes ROC-1236 Rock Racing deep cycle Heavy Duty Battery with 700 cold cranking amps and 36 Reserve Capacity Minutes ROC-1257 Rock Racing 12 volt battery with 850 cold cranking amps and a reserve capacity of 57 minutes.
Rock Racing 1685-2 16 Volt Advanced AGM Racing Battery Rock Racing 1685-3 16 Volt Advanced AGM Racing Battery Rock Racing 12/16 Volt Battery Charger
ROC-1685-02 Two post Rock Racing Battery 16 Volt ROC-1685-03 Three post Rock Racing Battery 16 Volt Rock Racing 12/16V charger designed and built specifically for motorsports use. Works equally well with liquid, sealed, maintenance-free, gelled, or other lead acid batteries