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Used engine parts from racing teams have gotten a bad reputation over the years due to lack of data behind each part. How do you know if the parts you are buying were either involved in a blow-up or a hard crash? Taking the chance on whether the part was cracked or had seen 20,000 race miles would discourage most of us from buying them unless you could get one for $50-$100. However, there is a new way to buy quality used engine parts and that is by buying them direct from the source like Roush Yates Performance Products.

All of our crankshafts have been crack checked in our engine shops and if ever any of these were involved in a crash or blow-up we would rather recycle them than take a chance of destroying our reputation in the racing industry. Our crankshafts have a set rejection point calculated by our engineering staff based on mileage which equates to less than a total of 10 races. The original cost of these items are well over $3000 each and are manufactured by the best in the industry (Sonny Bryant. Chambon and others). In fact a good portion of our cranks don't make it to 10 races and end up being rejected due to a visual inspection completed during post race inspection. If a small scratch cannot be removed easily during the polishing process, the crankshaft would be rejected and sent to our location to be sold to the public. The majority of these cranks will not need to be resized and can be installed as is. We never turn our crankshafts so each crankshaft is still at the standard size on the mains and the rod journals.

If you would like additional information on the crankshafts we carry, please give us a call at 704-662-6982 or send us an e-mail at