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SRIís Gas and Supply options are available to fit your budget! We offer monthly rentals and yearly leases on all our cylinders. Exchange options are available on a walk-in basis, or we offer free, local delivery.

SRIís offers different gas options, including ARGON, 75/25 ARGON, OXYGEN, HELIUM, NITROGEN, ACETYLENE, and PROPANE. These tanks vary in sizes with multiple options available from 10, 20, 40, 80, 180, 300 and 350 cubic feet. Mix and match different options today by calling us at (704) 662-6982 or send us an email at

100% Argon Gas is used for TIG welding on aluminum and other various metals, while our 72/25 Argon gas is used for MIG welding on steel and other various metals.

SRIís Oxygen tanks are great for glass and ceramic manufacturing, laser machines, and torches. This gas is great for any fabrication work!

Helium can be used for welding, manifolds, skid plates, and more!

Nitrogen cylinders are used to fill tires, laser welding and plasma cutting.

Acetylene cylinders are great for welding and cutting operations. This gas can be paired with oxygen, added to acetylene torches, and can turn solids into liquids very easily! SRIís offers these cylinders in multiple sizes, including 10, 40, 70, 100, 140 and 350 cubic feet.

SRIís Propane cylinders will work as tow motor fuel. Refueling propane on forklifts is very simple and quick. Just unscrew the empty cylinder, screw in a full one, and you're ready to get back to workóno spills, no hassles, no recharging, and no downtime.

SRI offers free, local delivery on all welding gases! We will bring you full tanks right to your door. We can delivery weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Call us for more details, 704-662-6982.