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ZEX 82099  Safety Blow-Down Kit, Zex Int & Ext Zex ZEX-82099 BLOW DOWN KIT, SAFETY, UNIVERSAL, FITS ALL VALVES

If your bottle of nitrous is overfilled or overheated the pressure safety disk bursts, the risk of over-pressure will safely vent to the outside of the vehicle.

Regular Price: $44.48
Sale Price: $29.78
ZEX 82005  Gauge & Manifold, Zex Nitrous ZEX 82005 GAUGE & MANIFOLD, ZEX NITROUS

These ZEX analog pressure gauges provide quality products designed for precision and a long life.

Regular Price: $48.60
ZEX 82170B Light, Purge Cloud (Blue) ZEX 82170B LIGHT, PURGE CLOUD (BLUE)

These ZEX purge-cloud illuminator kits come with focused-beam, high-intensity LED assembly increase visibility at night .

Regular Price: $66.28
ZEX 82010  Nitrous Purge Kit, Zex ZEX 82010 NITROUS PURGE KIT, ZEX

The ZEX Nitrous Purge Kit clears unwanted vapor out of the system to assure rocket-like starts, essential for beating the competition off the line.

Regular Price: $121.57
ZEX 82175  Nitrous Purge Kit, Zex Dual Outlet ZEX 82175 NITROUS PURGE KIT, ZEX DUAL OUTLET

ZEX-82175 For you to be the quickest off the line, your nitrous system must deliver pure liquid nitrous from the first

Regular Price: $165.90
ZEX 82006  Nitrous Bottle Heater, Zex ZEX 82006 NITROUS BOTTLE HEATER, ZEX

These ZEX nitrous bottle heaters thermostatically raise the bottle pressure by applying heat to the nitrous bottle. Consistent bottle pressure (900-950 psi) is very important for the proper functionality of your nitrous system. Use one of these heaters to increase consistency and optimize performance every run down the racetrack.

Regular Price: $182.43
ZEX 82023  Nitrous System, Zex Wet 75-125 Hp ZEX 82023 NITROUS SYSTEM, ZEX WET 75-125 HP


Regular Price: $679.89
ZEX 82040  Nitrous System, Zex 4 Barrel Plate ZEX 82040 NITROUS SYSTEM, ZEX 4 BARREL PLATE

Zex revolutionary Perimeter Injection™ Technology provides optimum nitrous and fuel atomization for maximum horsepower.

Regular Price: $692.87
ZEX 82380B Nitrous Sys.,For 5Th Gen.Camaro V8 "Blk" ZEX 82380B NITROUS SYS.,FOR 5TH GEN.CAMARO V8 "BLK"

The engineers at ZEX have specifically tailored these nitrous systems to the Camaro's V8 engine.

Regular Price: $707.60
ZEX 82217  Nitrous System, Zex 1999-04 Mustang ZEX 82217 NITROUS SYSTEM, ZEX 1999-04 MUSTANG


Regular Price: $714.97
ZEX 82034  Nitrous System, Zex Ford Mustang  ZEX 82034 NITROUS SYSTEM, ZEX FORD MUSTANG


Regular Price: $729.71
ZEX 82322 Nitrous System, Zex Dodge Challenger ZEX 82322 NITROUS SYSTEM, ZEX DODGE CHALLENGER

ZEX wet nitrous systems rely on advanced fuel-shear technology that places the enrichment fuel inside of the high-velocity nitrous spray cone via a special transfer tube. This ensures complete fuel atomization and maximum power. In addition, ZEX's exclusive throttle-position sensor switch "learns" the voltage curve of the engine's throttle-position sensor to activate the systems consistently at full throttle. ZEX systems come pre-assembled and tested for an easy installation. There are no brackets to install or microswitches to adjust, and jet changes are easy, too.

Regular Price: $751.84
ZEX 82322B Nitrous Sys., Zex Dodge Challenger Black ZEX 82322B NITROUS SYS., ZEX DODGE CHALLENGER BLACK

ZEX-82322B These ZEX Blackout nitrous systems are unprecedented for looks, performance, and power potential

Regular Price: $762.15
ZEX 82390B Nitrous System, 2011 Mustang Gt "Black" ZEX 82390B NITROUS SYSTEM, 2011 MUSTANG GT "BLACK"

ZEX-82390B Nitrous Kit for 2011 Ford Mustang Coyote 5.0L with a 75-175 HP gain.

Regular Price: $773.94