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Circle Track Racing Safety Equipment

Staying up to do date with all of the latest safety technology is always important as a racecar driver. Racing is a dangerous sport, but by taking the correct preventative measures, the chances for injury become much slimmer. SRI Performance provides a variety of the most innovative and up-to-date safety equipment in today’s market new or used.

Restraints are the most obvious necessity when it comes to safety equipment in racing. Seatbelts as well as head and neck devices have evolved over many years to provide comfort while at the same time allowing for the best possible safety. Preventing the head and neck from a violent forward motion is a safety measure that should be top priority for every driver competing.

Other key safety items to acquire are: helmets, racing suits, fire retardant garments and gloves just to name a few. By exploring our safety equipment categories you will find numerous pieces of equipment imperative for your wellbeing when climbing into your racecar. SRI Performance wants to see every driver stay safe while participating in the sport they enjoy and can be done by making your purchase today!
Fire Suppression Systems Fresh Air Systems Helmets
Fire Suppression Systems
Cool Shirt driver comfort products and fresh air systems
Quality racing helmets by Impact Racing in various sizes, designs and colors
Racing Gloves Racing Shoes Roll Bar Padding
Racing gloves with suede and knit Nomex construction, cuff-style gauntlet and a padded wrap-around palm layer available in Black, Red and Blue.

Circle Track Racing Racing Shoes

Roll Bar Padding
Safety Harness Suits And Jackets Window Nets
Safety Harness
Racing suits, jackets by Impact Racing in various sizes, colors and designs
Window nets, window latches and much more