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Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

Finally get rid of that carburetor and step up to an Electronic Fuel Injection System designed to improve driveability, throttle response and increase your gas mileage. Now you can attend a car show in the mountains and drive all the way to the beach without having to sacrifice power, performance and fuel mileage. Most kits are complete with wiring harness and full easy to follow instructions so that you can install on your car in just one weekend. If you have any questions, please call our knowledgeable sales staff for assistance.
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COMP 01-405-8             CAMSHAFT, CBVI XR252HR-10                                   COMP 01-409-8             CAMSHAFT, CBVI XR258HR-10                                   COMP 01-410-8             CAMSHAFT, CBVI XR258HR-13
COMP 01-411-8             CAMSHAFT, CBVI XR264HR-10                                   Edelbrock 3554 Efi Engine Control Unit (Ecu), Pro Flo Sportsman Fast 30400-KIT EZ-EFI 2.0 Self Tuning Engine Control System
The Edelbrock 3554 Efi Engine Control Unit (Ecu), Pro Flo Sportsman Pro-Flo Sportsman is ideal for high horsepower applications. EZ-EFI 2.0 Self Tuning Engine Control System includes everything needed for a carb-to-EFI conversion except a fuel system.
Fast 30447-KIT EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection Master Kit INGLESE NG1044               JAM NUT 10/32 LH INGLESE NG1046               JAM NUT, 10/32 RH
The EZ-EFIŽ Master Kit includes all components in the Base Kit (throttle body w/injectors & fuel rails, clearly labeled wiring harness. hand-held, all needed sensors, & ECU) as well as an In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit.
INGLESE NG1068               FITTING, #6 AN LINE STR HOSE END RED/BLE                    INGLESE NG1075               FUEL SYSTEM SBC/BBC/SBF IDF 4-CARBS INGLESE NG1078               FUEL SYSTEM, IDA 4-CARBS
INGLESE NG1082               HOSE, #6 ID 11/32 STD HOSE END PER FT                       INGLESE NG1098               FITTING, #6 AN 3/8 NPT                                      INGLESE NG1105               FITTING, #6 AN 3/8 NPT 45 DEG
INGLESE NG1109               FITTING, #6 AN FEMALE TO      3/8 NPT MALE                  INGLESE NG1133               FITTING, 90DEG #6 TO #6 FEMALE SWIVEL                       INGLESE NG1158               LEVER, 3/8" B MALE GOLD ZINC
INGLESE NG1175               LINKAGE, 351C(2V) D-SIDE W/THROT BRACKET                    INGLESE NG1176               LINKAGE, 351C(4V) D-SIDE W/THROT BRACKET                    INGLESE NG1177               LINKAGE KIT, BBC IDA 4-CARBS.
INGLESE NG1178               LINKAGE KIT, SBC IDA 4CARBS OUTBOARD FUE                    INGLESE NG1179               LINKAGE KIT, BBC IDF 4-CARBS                                INGLESE NG1180               LINKAGE KIT, BBC IDA 4-CARBS CENTER BELL
INGLESE NG1181               LINKAGE KIT, 429/460 FORD IDA 4-CARBS                       INGLESE NG1182               LINKAGE KIT, 429/460 FORD IDF 4-CARBS.                      INGLESE NG1183               LINKAGE KIT, SBF 4XIDA IN-OUT FUEL
INGLESE NG1184               LINKAGE KIT, 351W IDA 4CARBS OUTBOARD FU                    INGLESE NG1185               LINKAGE KIT, SBC/SBF IDF 4-CARB CENTER                      INGLESE NG1186               LINK KIT, SBF 4XIDA OUT FUEL  BOTH SIDES
INGLESE NG1187               LINKAGE KIT, 351C IDA 4-CARBS                               INGLESE NG1189               LINKAGE KIT, TWIN DCOE W/ KICKDOWN                          INGLESE NG1190               LINKAGE KIT, TWIN DCOE W/O KICKDOWN
INGLESE NG1191               LINKAGE KIT, SBC CROSSRAM DCOE 4-CARB                       INGLESE NG1195               LINKAGE KIT, 392 HEMI IDA 4-CARBS                           INGLESE NG1197               FUEL LINE, 429/460 10° NO     REV. PLATE
INGLESE NG1198               LINKAGE KIT, ALL FUEL OUT 429/460 IDA 4B                    INGLESE NG1201               ROD END, 10/32 RIGHT HAND MALE                              INGLESE NG1203               ROD END, 10/32 LEFT HAND MALE
INGLESE NG1215               LINKAGE, 1 7/8 HEX GOLD ANODIZED                            INGLESE NG1219               LINKAGE, 2 1/4 HEX GOLD ANODIZED                            INGLESE NG1227               LINKAGE, 4 3/4 HEX GOLD ANODIZED
INGLESE NG1232               ROD END, 10/32 R.H. FEMALE                                  INGLESE NG1249               BRACKET, THROTTLE BELLCRANK R.H.                            INGLESE NG1250               SPACER, BELLCRANK FOR THROTTLE BRACKETS
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