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Engine Components

New engine parts for your asphalt, dirt, drag, drifting, off road, road course race car and more found at SRI Performance from company's including Callies, Bryant, JE Pistons, MAHLE, Clevite, Roush Yates RY45, Dart, Ford Performance, Chevy Performance, Total Seal, Cometic Gasket, Del West, and more.
Balancers Camshafts Connecting Rods
Harmonic balancers for all applications from asphalt to dirt. Great Service, Fast Shipping!
Custom and off the shelf roller and flat tappet cams and lifters for asphalt, dirt, drag, drifting, off road, road racing and other applications.
High quality connecting rods for racing and street performance applications where durability and high rpm designs are required.
Crankshafts Cylinder Heads Engine Bearings
Cast and Forged Crankshafts
Aluminum and Cast Iron Cylinder Heads, Rocker Arms, Springs, Valves and More!
Engine bearings from Clevite, ACL, Durabond and others for your high performance engine.
Engine Blocks Engine Bolts and Fasteners Engine Gaskets
Engine blocks from Ford Performance, Dart Machinery and others for high performance engines available in cast iron and aluminum blocks.
High Quality engine fasteners for all out racing engines used in high performance engines including head bolts, head studs, main studs, header bolts and more.
High performance racing oil pan gaskets, head gaskets, Intake manifold gaskets, timing cover gaskets, valve cover gaskets and more.
Engine Mounts Intake Manifolds Pistons & Rings
High Quality solid engine mounts for all out racing engines used in asphalt, dirt, drag, drifting, off road, road racing and other applications.
High performance intake manifolds for applications from asphalt to dirt racing including sing plane and dual plane manifolds from company's including Brodix, Dart, Edelbrock and more. Great Service, Fast Shipping!
High Quality racing pistons and rings from major manufacturers like MAHLE, JE Pistons, Total Seal and more. Great Service and Fast Shipping!
Pulleys and Brackets Pushrod Guide Plates Pushrods
Pulleys and Brackets for Water Pumps, Alternators, Power Steering Pumps and Belt Driven Oil Pumps for high performance engines.
Flat, stepped and raised style pushrod guide plates for Ford and Chevrolet high performance engines.
High Performance pushrods available in 5/16, 3/8 and 7/16 diameters in cup or ball end designs.
Rocker Arm Studs Rocker Arms Timing Chains / Belt Drives
Screw in style rocker arm studs available for Chevrolet and Ford high performance engines.
Aluminum and Cast Iron Cylinder Heads, Rocker Arms, Springs, Valves and More!
High Quality timing chains and belt drives for all applications from dirt to asphalt. Great Service, Fast Shipping!
Valve Covers Valve Locks Valve Retainers
Cast Aluminum, Fully Welded Aluminum and Billet Style Valve Covers
High Performance intake and exhaust valve locks available in steel or titanium for 5/16, 11/32 and 7mm applications.
Valve spring retainers available in steel or titanium material for high performance engine applications.
Valve Spring Shims Valve Springs Valves
High performance engine valve spring shims from Trend Performance and Comp Cams.
Engine valve springs available in single spring beehive style and dual valve spring design for high performance engine applications from PSI Springs, JHE Enterprises, Chevrolet Performance and more.
High performance engine Intake and Exhaust valves manufactured in stainless steel and titanium in a wide variety of lengths and head diameters from Del West, Ford Performance and more.