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Roush Yates RY45 Series Engine Block and Components


By RoushYates

Roush Yates is bringing their ground breaking NASCAR technical knowledge to all engine builders and racers with the introduction of their revolutionary RY45 Series. Recommended for Dirt Late Model, Off-Road Truck, Hill Climbing and Drifting.
RY45 Cooling RY45 Cylinder Head RY45 Engine Block
RY45 Series Cooling Manifold designed to fit under the Intake Manifold on the all new RY45 Series Race Engine by Roush Yates Engines.
RY45 Series Cylinder Head Designed and Manufactured by Roush Yates Engines specifically for the RY45 Series Engine Block
RY45 Series Engine Block Featuring 4.500 Bore Spacing with a 9.200 Deck Height
RY45 Intake Manifold RY45 Water Pump
RY45 Series Intake Manifold Designed to fit the 9.200 Inch Deck Height of the all new RY45 Series Engine Block.
RY45 Series Water Pump designed for Optimum Cooling on the all new RY45 Series Engine by Roush Yates Engines.
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Roush Yates 15451A Head Stud, 3/8 x 3.100, RY45 Cylinder Head Roush Yates 15452A Head Stud, 7/16 x 4.750, RY45 Series Roush Yates 15453A Head Stud, 1/2 x 6.975, RY45 Series
Roush Yates 15451A cylinder head stud for RY45 Series race engine with 3/8 threads. Roush Yates 15452A cylinder head stud for RY45 Series race engine with 7/16 threads. Roush Yates 15453A cylinder head stud for RY45 Series race engine with 1/2 threads.
Roush Yates RYE-60034B Lifter Bushing, 0.935, 1.0625, 2.200 Bronze, RY45 Roush Yates 82316A Rear Main Seal, 3.625 Steel, RY45 Series Roush Yates 13681A Rocker Arm Block, D3/RY45 Head
Bronze Lifter Bushings for keyed roller lifters with a 0.935" inside diameter. Rear main seal designed for use on Roush Yates RY45 Series race engines. Roush Yates rocker arm blocks are used to assemble each intake and exhaust rocker arm.
Roush Yates 15795 Head Gasket, MLS 0.040 Thick, RY45 Left Bank Roush Yates 15796 Head Gasket, MLS 0.040 Thick, RY45 Right Bank Del West EV-10855BP Exhaust Valve, 1.650 x 5.750 x 7mm, RY45
Multi Layered Steel Head Gasket for Roush Yates RY45 Series Racing Engine Right Bank Multi Layered Steel Head Gasket for Roush Yates RY45 Series Racing Engine Right Bank Exhaust Valve for Roush Yates RY45 Race Engine with 1.650 head diameter and 7mm stem.
Roush Yates 16378 Lifter, Roller, Keyway, 0.937, 0.850, RY45 Roush Yates 15298A Connecting Rod, 6.125 Length, RY45 Roush Yates 16224 Rockerstand, Cylinder Head, RY45 Series
Roush Yates Keyed Roller Lifters designed for the Roush Yates RY45 Series Race engine. Connecting Rod designed for Roush Yates RY45 Series Racing Engine with 6.125 overall length.
Roush Yates Cylinder Head Rockerstand, One piece steel.
Roush Yates 10932A Water Pump Cartridge, RY45 Roush Yates 15905DEV1 Distributor, MSD Pro-Billet, RY45 Roush Yates 16368 Pulley, Water Pump Kit, RY45
Roush Yates replacement water pump cartridge for the RY45 series racing engine. Roush Yates Pro-Billet distributor designed for use on the RY45 Race Engine with 9.200 deck block.
Roush Yates 16367 Water Pump Housing, RY45 Series DLM Style Roush Yates 15860 Water Manifold, RY45 Series Aluminum Roush Yates 16365A Balancer Assembly, RY45
High Volume Water Pump designed to be used exclusively for the RY45 Series Engine. RY45 Cast water manifold routes water from the head to the radiator. O-rings eliminate the need for gaskets or messy sealants.
Roush Yates Crankshaft balancer attaches with 6 studs for proper orientation with the crankshaft.
Roush Yates 15383DEV1 Roush Yates 15810 Cylinder Head, Un Ported, RY45 Series Roush Yates 16324 Intake Manifold, RY45 Series, Spec 59 Aluminum
Roush Yates 15383DEV1
Regular Price: $1,708.97
RY45 15810 Un Ported Cylinder head features the newest technology in castings, making them several pounds lighter than the current D3 castings.
This RY45 Intake manifold features a long runner design and is engineered to promote great torque over a wide rpm range. Fits 9.200 deck height.
Roush Yates 15285A Crankshaft RY45, Billet Steel, 4.000 Stroke Roush Yates 15287A Engine Block, RY45 Series Aluminum 4.500 Bore Center
Roush Yates RY45 Crankshaft with 4.000" Stroke, 2.750" Main Bearings and 2.000" Rod Journals. The RY45 Series engine block is a purpose built aluminum block for dirt late model racing and features 4.500 bore centers and a 9.200 deck height.