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Ignition Coil

If you are looking to update your stock coil and you're running a factory OEM Points or Electronic Ignition the canister style coils the best match. However as you upgrade to an aftermarket ignition box you will need to match the correct coil with the box. Late Model cars can benefit from the MSD and Crane replacement coils which are designed to work with specific applications to provide a stronger output.
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MSD 8874 Harness, MSD 6 to Ford TFI coil MSD 8201 Coil, Pro Power MSD 8202 Coil, Blaster 2, High Performance
MSD 8201 Coil, Pro Power
Regular Price: $121.95
MSD-8874 MSD-8201 Ignition Coil, Blaster 2, Canister, Round, Oil Filled, Red, 45,000 V
MSD 8203 Coil, Blaster 2, with Ballast and Hardware MSD 8213 Coil Bracket, Universal MSD 8222 Coil, Blaster, High Vibration
MSD-8203 MSD-8213 Chrome Plated MSD Coil Bracket In applications such as off-road, marine or other harsh conditions, the MSD Blaster High Vibration Coil is the best choice.
MSD 8223 Ignition Coil, Blaster 3, Canister, Round, Oil Filled, Red, 45,000 V MSD 8261 Coil, HVC Pro Power II, 7 Series Ignitions Ford Racing M-12044-A2 Chrome Coil Bracket Universal fit
MSD-8223 MSD-8261 Ford Racing M-12044-A2, Coil Bracket enhance the appearance of your 302/351 with this chrome coil bracket
MSD 8250 Coil, MSD BLASTER 6 HVC, MSD 8207 Coil, MSD Street Blaster, E-Core MSD 8240 Coil, Ford DIS Coil Pack for Midget Ignition
MSD-8250 MSD-8207 MSD-8240
Ford Racing M-12029-4V Ignition Coil Set 2007-2010 Mustang Svt 4V 5.4 Ford Racing M-12029-3V 4.6L 3V IGNITION COIL SET
This Ford Racing ignition coil set fits the 2007-2012 Shelby GT500 5.4L DOHC and 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 5.8L DOHC. Ford Racing M-12029-3V 4.6L 3V IGNITION COIL SET