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ZEX 82390B Nitrous System, 2011 Mustang Gt "Black"
ZEX 82390B Nitrous System, 2011 Mustang Gt "Black"

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ZEX™ engineers created a Blackout Nitrous System™ specifically tailored to the 2011 Ford Mustang GT’s 5.0 Coyote V8 engine. They not only tuned the kit to add 75-175 additional horsepower, but also made the installation easy and ensured engine safety at the same time.

This innovative nitrous system’s Active Fuel Control™ adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure, so your engine never runs too rich or too lean while spraying. In addition, the system also offers an electronic TPS switch for reliable system activation at wide open throttle, which is perfect for the Mustang’s throttle-by-wire system. These patented, innovative features are what make this ZEX™ nitrous system the easiest way to add serious performance to the new Mustang GT, while at the same time ensuring engine safety. With all the extra torque and horsepower, it’s not uncommon to see over 1 second quicker ETs in the quarter mile!

The Blackout system features all-new black powder-coated bottles, carbon-fiber look hoses, and fittings for a variety of carbureted and fuel injected applications that are perfect for street/strip and all-out drag racing applications. Don’t get left in the dark – order your ZEX™ Blackout Nitrous System™ today!
  • A complete Mustang GT specific nitrous system. Everything is included in this kit for a safe, easy installation on the new generation Mustang.
  • Adjustable from 75-175 horsepower. Safe enough for stock engines, powerful enough for racing use.
  • Uses a custom made Ford fuel line adapter; a required component to access the fuel for the nitrous system.
  • Features an easy-to-use power point arming switch. No hours wasted on trying to find a 12 volt power source or drilling your dash for the arming switch, just plug into the Mustang’s power point.
  • The Mustang GT Nitrous System is activated at wide open throttle with advanced electronics that monitor your throttle position sensor (TPS). Easy and safe activation, especially with the Mustang’s throttle-by-wire system.
  • Unique nozzle design has “Active Fuel Control™” built in. This feature monitors bottle pressure and when the nitrous system is engaged, it adds or subtracts enrichment fuel so the engine never runs too rich or too lean.
Read This Pre-installation Guide Before Installing Kit !!!!!!!
  • How the ZEX™ Mustang GT nitrous system works: The ZEX™ Part #82390/B nitrous oxide injection system begins with a connection to a supply cylinder containing pressurized liquid nitrous oxide and a connection to the engine’s fuel system. These connections go the nitrous management unit, which houses the nitrous and fuel solenoids. These solenoids are normally closed, but are opened when the TPS switch senses that the nitrous system is armed and the engine is at wide-open throttle. Once these solenoids open, the nitrous and fuel are delivered to the nitrous nozzle via flexible delivery lines.
  • The amount of nitrous and fuel that is injected through the nozzle is adjustable by means of metering jets installed in the nozzle itself. These metering jets allow for easy changes in horsepower settings.
  • Work safely. Always wear eye protection and gloves when working with lines or hoses that contain pressurized nitrous oxide or fuel. Never transport nitrous cylinders loose in a trunk or the back of a pick-up truck and especially NOT within a vehicle's interior whether the cylinder is full OR empty.
  • Always disconnect the GROUND side of the battery when working on any electrical components.
  • Nitrous oxide won't fix problems you already have. Before you install your nitrous system, be sure your engine is in good mechanical condition. Intermittent wiring problems, etc., can lead to erratic system performance and possible engine damage.
  • Never defeat operation of the safety relief disc in the nitrous cylinder's valve. It's required by law and is there for your safety. Never drill, machine, weld, deform, scratch, drop, or modify a nitrous oxide tank in ANY way whatsoever!
  • Never overfill nitrous cylinders. That little bit extra will put you and others at risk of injury. More often than not, when the cylinder warms up, the pressure goes above the limit of the safety relief disc

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